White Earth Nation

The White Earth Nation has over 19,000 members living throughout the world!  We are the largest Tribe in the state of Minnesota, in geographic size and population. 

This office is available to assist individuals who are already enrolled or are seeking enrollment into the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The regulations for enrollment are governed by the Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe (MCT) and must fall under one of the following categories outlined in the constitution:

  1.  Basic Membership Roll of April 14, 1941 prepared pursuant to the Treaty enacted by Congress
  2. Children of White Earth Indian blood born between April 14, 1941 and July 3, 1961 (date of approval of the membership ordinance). 
  3. Children of at least one-quarter (1/4) degree White Earth Indian blood born after July 3, 1961 to an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation.

Each of the categories has specific restrictions that are referred to in the MCT Constitution which governs six of the Ojibwe Nations in Minnesota. The entire Constitution and amendments can be found on the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe’s website:  http://www.mnchippewatribe.org/tribal_operations.htm

Members of the White Earth Nation comprise almost one-half of the entire MCT.

The Enrollment Office provides the following services for Enrolled Members and their decendents:

Enrollment Application - You may type into this form and print off only.

Address Updates - You may type into this form and print off only.

Please complete the attached form for any other information for current enrolled members (PDF) ** new Request for Information

Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB)

Indian Preference BIA Form 4432

Tribal Identification Card


For verification of decendency, please use this form (PDF) ** new Request for verification of decendency

Due to data privacy concerns, we must have the original forms with appropriate documentation.  We are not able to process incomplete requests and are not allowed to give out information over the telephone.  

For information on the Cobell Settlement, please see:  http://www.indiantrust.com/or call:  1-800-961-6109


The White Earth Nation does not issue per capita payments to Enrolled members.

For contact information:

Phone:  (218) 983-3285
Fax:  (218) 983-3707
Mailing Address:              P.O. Box 506
                                           White Earth, MN 56591