White Earth Nation

IHS Planning Grant

Vision and Mission

Vision:  A system of health and medical care for the White Earth Nation that embodies self-determination, quality care, fiscal responsibility and a well-staffed, well trained work force


Our mission is to explore assertion of sovereignty in the self-administration of quality, accessible and culturally appropriate health and medical services for the White Earth Nation


1.      Engage the White Earth Nation in an open, transparent assessment of the risks and benefits of assuming management of all health and medical services from Indian Health Services

2.      Conduct financial analysis of present and future opportunities for health and medical services

3.      Explore models for governance and management of tribally operated health and medical services

4.      Identify approaches to retaining current health and medical providers and staff, as well as identifying future staffing needs

5.      Gain an understanding of the legal and reporting responsibilities associated with self-administration of health and medical services

6.      Provide the White Earth Nation Tribal Council the information necessary to make the best decision regarding health and medical care self-administration