Education and Training

The Early Childhood Training/Education initiative offers quality improvement and early childhood development classes to licensed and unlicensed providers, parents, families, and community members. A variety of topics and curriculums are used to offer early childhoods information through these classes, such as: Positive Indian Parenting, Six Key Strategies for Promoting Children’s Mental Health in Early Childhood Programs, SIDS/SBS, Stop it Now (Preventing child Sexual Abuse), Project Exceptional (Children and Challenging Behavior: Making inclusion work), Program for Infant and Toddler Curriculum (PITC), TouchPoints (Dr. Brazelton), Sensory Processing Disorders, Hand in Hand (Play Intervention), SEEDS (Literacy and School Readiness), and Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos and Preschoolers. These classes are co-sponsored with CCRR.

At our site visits and classes the Early Childhood Training/Education Initiative supports children and their families by partnering with the providers to develop and provide culturally appropriate ideas for activities, experiences, and routines. We support and promote providers and parents to use “Ages and Stages” as a screening tool to see where the children are in their development so they can foster children to their next developmental milestone in all areas in their environment. To assess the progress of each child’s development we support having parent/teacher conferences two times a year using the “Creative Curriculum Development Continuum.”


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