White Earth Nation

Burning Permits

Open burning without a permit is allowed only when the ground is snow-covered or for recreational t1res. All other forms of open burning require a permit.

A permit for open burning may be issued for the following;

Disposal of trees, brush, grass and other vegetative materials, burnable building material such as unpainted or untreated lumber, wood shakes, or other untreated and unpainted wood products.

The person conducting the open bum must be present at the burn site from the commencement of burning until the fire is completely extinguished. The individual must have the burning permit on their person while burning.

No permits will be issued for prohibited materials such as hazardous waste, demolition debris, solid waste, garbage, chemically treated materials, tires, railroad ties, shingles, tar paper, insulation, sheet rock, wiring, paint or paint l:tlter and any other hazardous material.

A burning permit is not required for: campsites, charcoal grill, camp stove or other device designed for the purpose of cooking or heating.

For further rules and regulations please visit the Judicial Services web page under legal codes and refer to the Conservation Code.