White Earth Nation

Natural Resource Harvest Permit

General Information:

In order to be issued a Natural Resource Harvest Permit, you must be an Enrolled member and have in your possession an Un-Expired Picture Identification Card. The Natural Resource Harvest Permit is issued on an annual basis. When possessing a current Un-expired Picture Identification Card and a Un-expired Natural Resource Harvest Permit it permits you to;

Hunt (Big game, Small Game, Waterfowl) hunters must have a game tag for big game.


Fish (by angling, spearing, netting and fish house/dark house shelters)

Harvest Wild Rice

(Within Season and Limits as set forth by the White Earth Reservation Tribal Council) The Natural Resource Harvest Permit is not valid for commercial activities.


For further information on rules and regulations on the above listed harvesting activities, please refer to the Judicial Services web page under Legal Codes and refer to the White Earth Conservation Code.