White Earth Nation

Selling a Vehicle

When you sell your vehicle, you must:

1. Sign-off on the title as seller.

2. Complete the date of sale on the Title.

3. Include an "odometer" reading on the title if the vehicle is less than ten years old.

4. Complete the Section (a perforated part) that states Recorded Owners Record of Sale. Very important that the individual that is buying the vehicle prints (legibly) their name, and current address and the date they took possession of your vehicle. This should be removed from the title by the (seller) and mailed or brought into the White Earth Department of Motor Vehicles.

5. If the seller had a Lien (loan) on the vehicle a lien release card must be attached to the title.

6. The plates stay with the vehicle (unless they are Veteran or Personalized License Plates).

7. The Buyer must then submit the title within ten days to the Department of Motor Vehicle of their respective jurisdiction, pay all applicable fees to complete the transfer.