White Earth Nation

Circle Back Center

Referral Process 

Circle Back Center clients may be referred through Indian Child Welfare, Law Enforcement, Tribal Courts, Tribal Authority, County Social Services, Tribal, County and State Corrections, Rule 25 Assessors, Substance Use Disorder Programs, and Private Referral Sources including self and family referral. Initial telephone, fax and mail referrals are accepted.  In order to protect client confidentiality, we ask that you not indicate client names or identifying information via email or website.  

White Earth

Circle Back Center

Tribally licensed under the White Earth Substance Abuse Treatment Standards and funded by a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).  

For more information contact:

White Earth Circle Back Center
35708 County Highway 21
Ogema, MN  56569
Phone: (218) 983-3285  Ext 6404

For after hours emergency contact White Earth dispatch at: 218-983-3201

Fax:  (218) 983-3027
Website:  www.circlebackcenter.com
Email: info@circlebackcenter.com

The Circle Back Center intends to access the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund to cover the cost of care for eligible and authorized youth. Other funding sources may be available and are determined on an individual basis. There are no costs to referring agencies, individuals or families through the grant period ending on September, 2014.

Family Support and Community Impact

Understanding the importance of parent and other family member involvement, special efforts will be made to involve family members in the healing process and equip parents with both knowledge and necessary resources to successfully work with and support their children. 

Continued care, recovery and relapse prevention services will be provided for families and youth in the transition from residential to community-based services/home setting.

Admission Criteria 

The White Earth Circle Back Center will serve three distinct need areas for youth:

  1. Youth male and female 10-18 years of age needing community-based continuing care following successful completion of a primary alcohol/substance dependency treatment program or correctional stay.
  2. Youth needing protective services based on vulnerability needs and lack of other sober/safe housing at home or with relatives.
  3. Youth needing protective services based on behavioral issues such as status offenses:  truancy, curfew violations, runaway, and other behavioral related difficulties as a result of alcohol/substance abuse.


The White Earth Circle Back Center primarily accepts clients of Native American background, however Non Native American persons viewed by staff as being able to benefit from this program are welcomed.

Youth admitted for substance use disorder treatment services must have a Rule 25 assessment indicating the need for outpatient chemical dependency services.

Program Intended Outcomes

The project will improve the functioning of the tribal court by decreasing the number of alcohol and drug related child protection and truancy case hearings annually. All child protection and truancy cases involving White Earth children are heard in tribal court. It will also decrease the number of juvenile delinquency and felony delinquency cases within three county courts since these cases are heard in county courts because Minnesota is a Public Law 280 State.  

Staff and partners will work with troubled children and their family, when possible, in efforts to prevent behavior that leads to alcohol/substance abuse related crimes. Successful prevention, early intervention, screening and assessment services will ensure children and their families receive appropriate, culturally validated and timely support and treatment services. The proposed project will get youth who commit status offenses off the street and also out of unsafe home environments during crisis situations involving alcohol/substance abuse. The support and treatment services provided to children will guide them into making wise choices early on in life and keeping themselves safe.  


To develop and implement substance abuse prevention and treatment services including those that address the needs of drug-endangered children.

To protect White Earth Reservation children from alcohol and drug use by providing culturally validated and appropriate substance abuse prevention services.

To integrate tribal, federal, state, and local services to provide culturally appropriate treatment services for juvenile offenders and their families. 

To provide community-based juvenile delinquency prevention services through the White Earth Circle Back Center to reduce the disproportionate number of White Earth Reservation youth currently being placed in correctional settings off-reservation. 

Hours of Operation

Centralized Intake

The Circle Back Center centralized intake hours of operation are 24 hours per day/365 days per year. 

Program staff are on-site:

8 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday 

3 pm to 10 pm Saturday

3 pm to 10 pm Sunday

Assigned program staff are designated as on-call responders when staff are not on-site.  

Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment                       

The Circle Back Center Outpatient hours of operation are: 

1 pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays, inclement weather, and other RTC closings.

*Hours of operation are subject to change dependent on program needs.