White Earth Nation

Public Works

White Earth Public Transit

Routes:   Monday - Friday


$2.00 Per person one-way


(12 and under must be accompanied by adult)

(Call ahead a minimum of 2 hours to book your next ride)


All Routes will  stop at Designated Locations Only! Deviations approved by dispatch office within service area


Rules of the Road

Your driver is a trained professional.  Your safety and scheduled destination times are great concerns. In return for this service, we require some simple rules


•  Occupy one seat by one person.  

•  Carry-ons requiring a second seat will require a second fare (other than scheduled Elders/Shopping Routes). 

•  Drinking or possessing alcohol is prohibited.

•  Usage or possession of non-prescription drugs or other hallucinogens is prohibited. 

•  Radios of any type may not be used without earphones.

•  Children 12 and under will not ride unattended.  We do not provide child car seats.

•  Service animals may accompany riders.Please respect working animals. 

•  Wheelchairs and scooters will be secured to the bus and seat belts are available.

•  Bus drivers do not make change. Pay the correct fare or use punch cards to ride

•  No Pay No Ride

•  Cell phone usage will be stopped if interferring with the driver or passengers.


•  Route deviations must be cleared by the Transit Dispatch Center

•  You must call the office no less than 2 hours in advance between 5AM – 7PM.  Extra fare may apply.

•  Threatening remarks , gestures, fighting, or vulgar language is unacceptable.

•  The bus does not turn around for passengers after leaving a stop.

•  Buses will go down driveways for Elders, Disabled, and infants under age 5 only.


Customer complaints should be directed to the Manager at 218-983-3283. Completing a written complaint form may be requested.

All issues will be addressed regardless of severity.


Interior lights are on while the bus is standing.  Lights are off while rolling.


•  No smoking in the bus, as well as within 20’ of the outside of the bus.

•  No shirt, no shoes, no service. 

•  No firearms or weapons.

•  No hitch-hikers.

•  Active milatary and Disabled Veterans can ride for free with proper ID


Please call for when you need to cancel in advance. Transit Bus Drivers can deny a rider access for any reason listed above, or for any other reason what-so-ever regarding unacceptable rider actions, including suspicious behavior. Riders already on board will be taken to a Transit destination or the next safe-spot to exit. Authorities will be contacted if the driver or riders feels at risk from any individual.  Rider suspensions may be issued for not complying with Rules of the Road as well as those that are no call-no shows, making defamatory remarks, or damaging property. Length of time will be determined by White Earth Public Transit. You have the right to appeal suspensions.


Click here to view the White Earth Transit Schedule and Route Details

White Earth Transit

Transit Manager Kenneth Bakken

36671 Marten Drive

P.O Box 418

White Earth, MN 56591

Phone: (218) 983-3283
Fax: (218) 983-3245

Email: Kenneth.Bakken@whiteearth-nsn.gov