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The White Earth Fleet Department is a for profit venture of the White Earth Tribal Council. Our primary mission is to provide light vehicle repair for the corporate vehicles of the Tribe, but we are open to the public and provide a wide range of vehicle services.
The Fleet Department is a full service shop with capabilities to perform air conditioning service, wheel alignment, tire service, and light vehicle repair along with engine and transmission maintenance.
The Fleet Department stocks a wide range of tires for your car and light truck. We also sell and service tires for your heavy truck, tractor, four wheeler or lawn mower.  
Call (218) 983-3292 to set up your appointment


*Alignments do not include parts or labor to repair steering, suspension systems, kits or labor to install kits to adjust alignment.

*Oil change prices are for cars and light trucks with gasoline engines. Diesels engines and vehicles with high capacity oil pans are extra, high capacity = 8 quarts or more. 

Frank Andersen
Fleet Manager                       
36671 Marten Dr.
White Earth, MN 56591
Phone: (218) 983-3292
Fax: (218) 983-3253
Light Duty Mechanics
Kenneth Sullivan Sr.
Jerry Chilton