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Anger Management Program

Anger management means learning to express your emotion of anger in a helpful, positive way instead of a destructive way. It does not mean never getting angry.

Feeling angry is normal and expressing it relieves tension, but it must be expressed so that in the end no one is hurt and you feel others have heard what you wanted to say.


Anger Management Staff


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Program Goals

  • To reduce aggressive behavior which leads to trouble with authorities and makes it hard to keep friends and get along with family members.
  • To ensure collaboration with the justice system and human service providers.
  • To gain self control and personal power over reactions to others, even when provoked.
  • To teach adults and youth alternatives to coercive, dominating and violent behavior in intimate relationships.
  • To be able to recognize early signs of anger.
  • To know what triggers your anger.

Program Philosophy

Anger negatively expressed can get you so worked up that you can't think straight and you become irrational. You can't identify and make choices that would calm you down.

Anger negatively expressed can cause you to defend yourself when you don't need to.

Anger negatively expressed can often lead to aggression. When this happens, you often end up not getting what you wanted anyway.

Program Content

  • Participants must take responsibility for their behavior.
  • Tactics used to control must be eliminated.
  • Minimizations and denial will be challenged by group facilitators.
  • Anger leading to aggression is intentional.

Contract with Offenders

Participants will be required to follow all program rules. Acts of violence and violations of court orders will be addressed with the courts. Program participants will be requested to sign release of information forms and program contract agreements.

Consequences for breach of contract.

Non-compliance with terms of the contract will result in suspension and the participant will be referred to his/her probation officer. Volunteers will not be treated differently than court mandated participants.

Anger management groups for youth, adults, and couples will be held weekly. The cirriculum is based on a ten week schedule. A referral form is necessary to be a participant in either the adult group or the youth group.

Contact Information

Jim Schmitt
Anger Management Program
P.O. Box 496
White Earth Mn. 56591
Phone: (218) 983-3286
Fax: (218) 983-3724