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LIFE Program

Learning in the Family Environment (LIFE)

The LIFE program is a home visiting program designed to promote family self-sufficiency and to improve the health and well-being of children and families living on the White Earth Reservation.

Registered nurses from the White Earth Home Health Agency provide home visits that include skilled nursing assessments, education, intervention, and incentives to parents and children through age 2 years. If you are pregnant or have young children in your home, please call. We would enjoy meeting you!

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LIFE Program Nurses

Nursing Assessment

A certified public health nurse or a registered nurse will complete a health and wellness assessment for children and parents in the home. Home visits are a fun and exciting way to learn together with your child!


The nurse deliver services utilizing the Nurse Family Partnership Model (NFP). The NFP model is an evidenced based community health program. NFP's outcomes include long-term family improvements in health, education, and economic self-sufficiency. By helping to break the cycle of poverty, we play an important role in helping to improve the lives of society's most vulnerable members, build stronger communities and leave a positive impact on this and future generations. Read more about NFP model.

The nurse and the family will share information related to:

  • Infant care
  • Child growth and development
  • Positive parenting
  • Disease prevention
  • Family planning
  • Community resources
  • Developmental assessments
  • Referrals to appropriate programs
  • Home safety assessments
  • Budgeting and home management


Nurses begin making home visits during pregnancy and continue after the birth of the child through age two. The interventions focus on the mother's or caregivers personal health, quality of care provided for the child, and the parents own life-course development and goals. After the child's third birthday, they can transition to the parent mentor program through the child care program.


Families receive points to use at the caring for kids store. The family can use the points to "purchase" essential safety and developmentally appropriate items to facilitate education and promote interaction between caregiver and child. The nurses role-model healthy development and functioning within the family unit. Our incentives that are provided through the caring for kids store, are fun and age appropriate. They are used to promote parent-child interaction. 

Some examples include:

  • Developmental activities
  • Baby care items
  • Home safety supplies
  • Educational materials

To make a referral to the LIFE program, please call us at:

LIFE Program
P.O. Box 496
White Earth, MN 56591
Phone: (218) 983-3286
Fax: (218) 983-3724

Our thanks to Minnesota Department of Health Family Home Visiting program for being a LIFE sponsor and to the Admisistration of Children and families for supporting this work.

MDH Link to the Home Safety Checklist
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