Services Available


White Earth Substance Abuse will only be providing same day assessment appointments.

Assessments are available to enrolled members, descendants and non-natives. They are free if they live within the boundaries of the White Earth Reservation. Non-native assessments are subject to a fee.

Clients can begin calling the Substance Abuse office starting at 8:00 am the day they would like to have their assessment done.

To schedule a rule 25, please see these links:

Intake Form

Release of Information


Our phone numbers are:

THB 218-983-3286 Ext. 1297
RTC at 218-983-3285 Ext. 1297


Peer Support

With experience and hope, we support the long-term recovery from the effects of substance abuse. 

With information, resources and encouragement, we support the recovering individual, and their family, to live in a healthy and honorable way.

In this way, we all benefit….

Peer Support Staff at White Earth is the first of its kind on White Earth reservation. Our purpose is to help people become and stay engaged in long Term Recovery and, hopefully, reduce the likelihood of relapse. The Peer Support Staff is designed and delivered by peers and allies who have been successful in recovery and have been trained in peer support.

Our core mission is to encourage and support long term recovery from substance abuse. Our primary focus is on the White Earth members and others living on or near the White Earth Reservation. We include the family wherever possible as we know this is a family disease. We make weekly telephone calls, meet person-to-person in our office or off-site, set goals, search for resources, offer incentives and encouragement as the recoveree makes their way in a life without substance abuse. Peer Support is an Trained advocate for the recoveree to voice what they need and want for their life. It is not our job to do this life work for them but to support, encourage and find resources to help in their recovery.

For more information or to become a Peer Support call: 218-983-3286.



Transportation is provided to clients entering inpatient and leaving treatment (upon completion of the program). Clients who leave a program prior to completion must find their own transportation home. Transportation is also provided to clients in our Adult IOP Program or we can provide Bus cards.

Behavior Health Case Manager Program support and work with member who have been incarcerate in jail or DOC facility.


Prevention Program

Our prevention program performs community education on the dangers of drugs and alcohol with the aide of visual presentations, hands on exhibits and health fair booths on the various forms of substance abuse. They also provide information on how to contact our program for necessary services.