White Earth Nation



This department responsible for the validation process of land claims pursuant to the White Earth Land Settlement Act.

  • Review of 5,178 original allotments and 3,164 additional allotment files.
  • Review abstracts and update chain of titles.
  • Compile conveyance instruments, such as mortgages, deeds, etc. from county, state and federal offices.
  • Prepare documentation for publication in the Federal Register.
  • Create and forward all documentation for monetary compensation disbursement.


This department is responsible for the preparation of legal documents for heirship determination submitted to the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

  • Research land allotments, tribal enrollment and internet resources for accurate family history.
  • Prepare and compile legal documents.
  • Gather and record oral and written communication to support family history.
  • Administrative Judge will utilize Minnesota inheritance laws in effect March 24, 1986 to render a determination of heirs.
  • Adheres to Code Of Federal Regulations.
  • Testify at hearings held by the Office of Hearings and Appeals.


This department is responsible for all cost structures and document accountability within the Federal Finance System for monetary compensation disbursement.

  • Process and compile monthly compensation award letters and notices.
  • Verify amounts and encode returned compensation award letters.
  • Prepare all documents as defined by the Federal Finance System.
  • Provide direction for returned/nonreceipt of United States Treasury checks.