White Earth Nation

What To Do In An Emergency

Heart Attack

Signs and Symptoms: Clutching chest, grey color, sweating, chest pain, pressure, squeezing, nausea, pain or numbness in neck radiating down left arm and shortness of breath.

Actions: Call 911. Keep the person calm and have them sit or lay down. Give the dispatcher any information that you have on the persons medical history. If the person has gone unconscious, then you need to get them down to the floor and check for breathing. If not breathing, do rescue breathing, if no pulse, do CPR. Keep CPR going until help arrives from either law enforcement or EMS personnel.



Signs and Symptoms: Both hands grasping at neck, unable to make sound, red face and blue lips.

Actions: Call 911. Ask the person "Are you choking?" If they shake thier head yes, do the Heimlich maneuver. Repeat until the object comes out or they collapse. If they collapse, look for the object and try to take it out. Try to give 2 breaths, if you can't get breaths in, do abdominal thrusts until object comes free. If you can get a breath in, give 2 breaths and check for a pulse. If no pulse, do CPR.