White Earth Nation

Services We Provide

Our program is designed to assist with employment. We can assist with reducing barriers to employment and advocacy between employee and employer to ensure that all reasonable accommodations are being met that fit your disability, referrals and more.

  1. Assistance with counseling/advocacy.
  2. Networking with other agencies.
  3. Independent learning/options.
  4. Referral for medical concerns.
  5. Network with foster grandparent/senior companion programs
  6. Spiritual consultation.

Supportive Services can include but are not limited to reducing the carriers to employment, secondary education or training, or in some occasions, home business supplies to get the business up and running. We only assist with employment related items that will keep consumers working or maintaining gainful employment.

Services can include but are not limited to minor car repairs, gas, ID's, lunch tickets, clothing and attire that is job specific and more.