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White Earth Tribal Mental Health is a state certified Children's Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS) provider. This community based program allows us to meet with our clients in their homes, school, or where appropriate within the community. We are able to offer a variety of services under CTSS which include the following:

Counseling, Skills Training, Crisis Assistance and Behavioral Aide

Eligibility and Referral Information

Counseling- Individual, family and group counseling is available

  • Individual counseling is a one on one process working non-specific goals developed by the counselor and client
  • Family counseling is a team approach to obtaining an identified goal
  • Group counseling is a support system designed to help each member achieve a similar goal

Skills Training- Individual, family and group skills training provides rehabilitation of specific skills. These skills are designed to improve the overall functioning of the child and the child's family in daily and community living. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication
  • Socialization with peers/adults
  • Managing conflict within the family, school and community
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Esteem
  • Identifying and understanding emotions
  • Independent living skills
  • Organization

Crisis Assistance- Crisis assistance is available to the child, their family, and all providers of services to the child to help:

  • Recognize factors of a mental health crisis.
  • Identify behaviors related to a crisis such as a child threatening to hurt themselves or someone else.
  • Be informed of available resources within the community.

Behavioral Aide- The behavioral aide assists the child and their family by providing structured interventions to practice the skills that are taught through skills training. Some examples of activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling age appropriate interactions with peers/adults.
  • Exposure to social situations to minimize anxiety.
  • Assisting parents/guardians in establishing behavioral plans.
  • Assist in understanding social cues to help minimize aggression.

Eligibility and Referral Process


  • Native American children living on or near the White Earth Reservation.
  • Native American children under age 18 diagnosed with an Emotional Disturbance (ED) or Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) through a mental health evaluation.
  • Native American individuals ages 18-20 diagnoses with mental illness or Serious or Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) through a mental health evaluation.

Referral Process

Referral are accepted directly from the child's family, the individual seeking services, other human service providers and schools. CTSS services are voluntary. If services are refused, mental health services at White Earth Tribal Mental Health and other community resources continue to be available to the family.

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