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Children's Mental Health Case Management

Many families experience the need for assistance when dealing with mental health issues that may arrise with children in their care. We understand that children come from many different family experiences, which creates the need for special assessment, treatments and support.

Case Management, Common Signs and Events, Eligibility and Referral

Case Management

Often times when children are in need of mental health services it is difficult for them and/or their care providers to receive appropriate services to meet multiple needs. Our program will provide mental health case management for children and young adults. The case manager will coordinate a comprehensive mental health assessment to determine the child's mental health needs. Providers who will be involved in the *Individual Community Family Support Plan (IFCSP) will use a team approach in achieving child/family goals.

The case manager will assist the child and the family in obtaining needed services by coordinating with other agencies and assuring continuity of care to the child. It is the responsibility of the case manager together with the family to continually assess and reassess the delivery, appropriateness and effectiveness of the services.

*IFCSP- includes the following areas:

  • Mental health and medication management
  • Family functioning and relationships
  • Physical health and medication management
  • Educational needs/Interpersonal and social skills
  • Recreation
  • Independent living skills

Common Signs or Events that may cause problems


  • Acting out behavior- violent behaviors, use of weapons, self harm, physical fighting with peers and/or siblings, cruelty to animals
  • Withdrawing behavior- avoiding friends or other social contact, change in sleep pattern
  • School failure- declining grades, school suspension, unexplained absences, and refusal to go to school
  • Depression- crying spells, prolonged sadness, talk of suicide, change in eating habits, disturbed sleep
  • Chemical use- tobacco abuse, huffing, alcohol, marijuana or other street drugs, prescription medications
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior- advanced sexual knowledge/behavior in young children, promiscuity in teens and pre-teens, accessing pornography


  • Trauma- sexual of physical abuse, witnessing violence, removal from home, violent death of loved ones
  • Family disruption- divorce, moving to a new area/school, death of a family member, incarceration of a caregiver
  • Illness- chronic illness of child or caregiver

 Eligibility and Referral Process


Native American children and young adults up to age 18 residing on or near the White Earth Reservation are eligible for services. The following factors are included in determining eligibility.

  • Severe mental/emotional needs
  • Past inpatient or risk of residential treatment
  • Risk of child harming themself or others
  • Symptoms as a result of physical or sexual abuse


Referrals are accepted directly from the child's family or the individual seeking assistance, other human service providers, and schools.

Mental health case management services are voluntary. If services are refused, mental health services at White Earth Tribal Mental Health and other community resources continue to be available to the family.

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