White Earth Nation

What Are We Doing To Help?


Referral Process

 Please contact Verna Thompson at (218) 983-3286 ext. 1435, she will assist you in completing the referral process.

You may also complete a printable version of the "Referral Intake Form" and mail it back to us!

Diagnostic Evaluations

White Earth FASD Program coordinates the White Earth Diagnostic Clinic which is located at the White Earth Health Center.

Clinic serves ages birth to 18 yrs. who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol.

Individuals must be eligible for services at the White Earth Health Center.

The Diagnostic team consists of a psychology resident, an IHS psychologist, an IHS pediatrician, speech/language pathologist, FASD case manager, and the FASD Program Manager.

Referrals are encouraged.

For those who are not eligible for services at the White Earth Health Center, we are able to provide you with contact information to other diagnostic facilities.

Other diagnostic facilities are utilized when appropriate.

Case Management

Help with referral process for acquiring a diagnostic evaluation.

Provides advocacy for the child in school, in the community, and at home.

Assists with scheduling, transportation, and support for intervention services.

Maintains frequent contact with the child and family.

Click here for a copy of our Referral Intake form! 

Click here for the Diagnostic Clinic brochure!