White Earth Nation

TERO - Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance

TERO is a tribal enforcement and compliance program which monitors employees to ensure optimal benefit is obtained from federal, state, and tribal employment laws, regulations and procedures for White Earth enrolled members and/or Indians of federally recognized tribes to access employment and claim a fair share of jobs and buisiness opportunities on and off the White Earth Reservation.

TERO increases the opportunities for enrolled tribal members of federally recognized tribes by establishing:

1. Construction referrals through Gitaamagozi (Hard Work) which provides a job bank for construction clients that identify individuals with experience or training seeking employment in the construction areas; as an Indian contractor, Indian sub-contractor or one that is interested in employment. TERO provides referrals to construction projects on or near the reservation. Indian: shall mean and include any individual who is an enrolled member of an indian tribe with a tribal enrollment number.

2. TERO Temp Program: The Giizhaa (Ready at Hand) program, which provides temporary employees to Shooting Star Casino and White Earth Tribal Entities, to fulfill the needs when there are departmental shortages, and increase access to employment for White Earth enrolled members and descendents. TERO temps also increase work experience and the opportunity to use a variety of skills that have been attained by our tribal members through past experience or on the job training.

TERO provides training opportunities by partnering with MN/DOT-TESS, MNSCU and the tribal entities in the region.

During the course of time TERO has provided Flagger Training in the Spring, OSHA, Pipeline safety, Job Fairs, and has offered many opportunities to access employment in a variety of construction positions, through referrals to unions, private industry and companies. Construction referrals may require regional travel, a drivers license, and a vehicle to retain employment.

TERO offers employment assistance and support as it partners with other services of the reservation, so that clients are able to find gainful employment toward self sufficiency and independence.

TERO monitors companies, wages, and provides on-site checks to ensure that all projects are in compliance. TERO certifies Indian Owned Business and companies on and off the White Earth Reservation.


TERO Program
Maadaadizi Workforce Center
PO Box 69
Naytahwaush, Mn. 56566
Phone: 218.936.2444
Fax: 218.936.5773

Darrell D. Winter, TERO Director, ext 3277

Liz Andersen - Compliance/Safety Officer, ext 3278

Sandra M. St.Clair - Administrative/Training Assistant, ext 3279