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Employee Wellness

March Challenge - Download the challenge calendar here!      

Not only do we need to keep our bodies fit but we need to keep our minds fit as well.  Reading not only helps keep the brain active but it is also a great form of relaxation!  To help you with this activity, we are challenging you to read at least 1 hour per week.  This can be done all at once or split over the course of the week in any increments.  Attached is a calendar to log your reading sessions.  Happy Reading! J                   


Honor Overall Wellness and Health


To enhance organizational health by fostering interest and encouraging employees to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles, provide diverse wellness programming to meet a wide range of personal health needs, recognize employees for participating in healthier lifestyles activities, decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress, and develop a positive culture of health that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees. The wellness project will demonstrate health promoting and disease preventing behaviors with the intent that the benefits gained by each employee will be compounded and manifest within the entire White Earth Reservation Community.


  1. Promote physical activity, healthy behaviors and wellness among employees.
  2. Educate employees on the benefits of physical activity and healthy behaviors and on risk factors associated with chronic disease and reduced health/wellness.
  3. Provide on-site physical activity programs and promote other opportunities on-site and in the community that encourage employees to be active.
  4. Provide on-site lectures, classes and individual consultations on healthy behaviors and wellness and promote other on-site and community resources that do the same.
  5. Assess the current level of fitness and wellness of employees and identify potential risk factors associated with chronic disease and reduced health/wellness.

The White Earth Wellness Project recently received the Healthy, Active Native Community Grant from the AAIP (Association of American Indian Physicians.)

AAIP’s mission is to support innovative, culturally sensitive environment and policy approaches to improve nutrition and physical activity in American Indian communities. AAIP has awarded the White Earth Wellness Project monies to implement and disseminate community wide policies, systems, and environmental changes related to obesity prevention through improved nutrition and increased physical activity. We will utilize these funds to purchase a salad bar cooler for the White Earth RTC cafeteria and purchase 1 year of food from a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. For more information click here.


Corporate Discount Rate for Detroit Lakes Community Center:

After communicating with several of you via email (thank you) as well as meeting with Member Services at DLCCC this is where we are at:

Any White Earth Nation employee wishing to join the DLCCC will be eligible to receive a discount of 10% (month to month) or 15% (pay for one year in advance).  As a new Corporate Member, we will only need to have a total of 5 active memberships to begin to receive the 10% or 15% off - we currently have 3 that we know of.

If you already are a member of DLCCC and a White Earth Nation employee, then you can simply present your work ID at the DLCCC to:

Brenda Wieland


Mike Stenhjem

They are in Member Services and will help to track our membership numbers and discounts.  They will need to grab a quick copy of your ID. You only have to show your White Earth Nation ID once for their records, then you just use the pass they provide you. When we reach 5 members, current members will begin to receive the 10% or 15% off.  Those that sign up after the 5 memberships will immediately begin to receive the 10% or 15% depending on the payment selection you choose. I have attached the DLCCC corporate discount rate sheet for your review

The DLCCC is a fantastic place for kids and families with a large indoor play area, classes like yoga and all the health equipment you need. Check out their website for more information http://www.dlccc.org/ .

So please grab a friend and head into see Brenda or Mike at the DLCCC and we will have the 5 needed right away!!!!

Additional Resources

Monthly Motivational Calendar - A daily list of motivational items to help keep you moving each month.

Eagle Times- A monthly newsletter for associates of the White Earth Reservation Tribal Council.

The Village Business Institute- Employee Assistance Program. This is a no cost service to all employees providing confidential and comprehensive counseling services for employees. Click here or use the link above and then use WERTC in the username field. Phone inquiries may dial (800) 627-8220

Some of the services available include:

  • Relationship Issues- including marriage conflicts, child conflict, single parent challenges, coping with older parents, etc.
  • Emotional Health- including adjustment problems, emotions, depression, suicide issues, self esteem and eating disorders
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues- including kids and drugs, prevention, assessment, post treatment counseling and family education
  • Workplace Issues- including conflict, coping with change, stress, sexual harassment and difficult co-workers
  • Financial and Legal Counseling- including budgeting, legal issues, retirement planning, debt management, etc.



Policy and Environmental Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living in Native American Communities