The land within the boundaries of the Reservation contains three distinct natural biomes. The Prairie biome was once covered by vast plains of native grasses and numerous wetlands. The Deciduous Forest biome lies generally in the middle of the Reservation. This biome contains northern hardwood species of oak, maple, basswood, birch, elm, and aspen. The Coniferous Forest biome lies in the eastern portions of the Reservation. This region contains stands of pine fir, spruce, tamarack, aspen, birch and cedar. These regions are characterized by gently rolling hills with several lakes, wetlands, and streams. This biome is home to species like; white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse.



My name is Doug McArthur.  I grew up in Moorhead MN and graduated from high school in 1990.  I went on to enroll at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities.  I majored in Fisheries and Wildlife Management and graduated in 1995.  From there I worked 2 years for the Red Lake Natural Resource department and then got hired at White Earth Natural Resources.  I have been with the White Earth Natural Resources Department for 14 years now.

I have always been interested in the outdoors, wildlife, plants, fish and waters all my life.  I grew up hunting and fishing.  I am still an avid outdoorsman and spend as much time as I can teaching my son Douglas Jr. to hunt and fish. 

Some of my most memorable experiences have been teaching youth about natural resources.  I teach wildlife orientated classes to children in the Summer Math and Science Academy each summer.  Taking a kid fishing and see them catch their first fish or teaching them to identify birds that they never knew existed is extremely gratifying for me!

The Wildlife Program strives to provide and protect wildlife and their habitats to ensure healthy  populations of all types of animals, birds, insects, and plants.  Proper management of both game species and the habitats in which they live will ensure the proliferation of all wildlife for generations to come.  Proper management ensures that Tribal members will be able to harvest game species during hunting seasons for many years to come. 


Doug McArthur

Wildlife Manager

P.O. Box 393, 216 North Main Street

Mahnomen, MN 56557

Phone:  (218) 935-2488, Ext. 2102

Fax:  (218) 935-2524

E:mail:  Doug.Mcarthur@whiteearth-nsn.gov


Wildlife Technician - John Bekkerus John.Bekkerus@whiteearth-nsn.gov



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