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White Earth Nation begins transition process.



On November 19, 2013, the people of the White Earth Nation voted to approve the proposed constitution. A total of 3492 votes were cast with 2780 (79.61%) voting to approve the new constitution and 712 (20.39%) voting to reject.  Miigwech to all those who participated in this historic referendum. 

Now the process of transition and implementation will begin. The White Earth Tribal Council and a Transition Team will work to ensure that this process is carefully executed, stable, and deliberate. It is important to note that the day-to-day business and staff of all tribal enterprises, agencies, and departments will continue to function normally during this process.

The White Earth Nation is committed to remain a part of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe (MCT) if possible. White Earth Nation will work with the MCT to examine the options for each Band/Nation of the MCT to have the opportunity to develop its own constitution if it so desires.

Implementation of the White Earth Nation Constitution will not happen overnight.  Elected leadership of White Earth Nation is committed to finding a solution with MCT and our first meetings with the MCT Tribal Executive Committee are scheduled for December.  These discussions with MCT and the BIA may take a year or more.  Then we can move to full implementation of the Constitution.

Enrollment was a big issue in the discussions on the Constitution and even after discussions with MCT are resolved, implementing the Citizenship provisions of the Constitution require a new Legislative Council to be set up and then pass laws that say what the application process will be.

Regular updates regarding the transition and implementation process will be provided via email, Face Book, and in the Anishinaabeg Today.