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Dream Catcher Search for the Ultimate Warrior



Dear Tribal Council,


For the first time in television history the Native Nations will have the opportunity to display their incredible talents and culture to the world.  Please join us and make this show a reality. 

TV Show Dream Catcher Search for the Ultimate Warrior has signed a contract with Bishop Lyons entertainment to produce the show and expect to film in August 2014. We would like to know if your nation would be interested in being part of the competition as outlined below.




Mary Jo Christian



Here is a 1 minute sizzle reel:


Dream Catcher Search for the Ultimate Warrior

  by Marc J. Victor & Mary Jo Christian     


Twenty-four Nations come together in the ultimate challenge of American Indian skills in compelling competitions.   Each Nation will compete using their multitude of skills, techniques and games chosen from a variety of the Nations’ games and talents.   Four Nations from each of six regions around North America will compete in a series of intense endurance athletic competitions. Each team will consist of four men and four women.  

This competition is a single elimination; however each Nation that is eliminated will stick around in order to help the remaining tribes from their region win. That Nation will also win Prizes along with the winning Nation of their region.   In between the competitions we will hear circle talks of the Nations’ Elders.  Stories of the great contributions the First Nations have made to society throughout the ages to present day.  

The winning Nation will receive a wind and solar generation facility for their reservation as the final grand prize. If you are interested please fill out the attached form and return it to me as soon as possible.

We would like to plan filming the selection of the contestants at each reservation and get background stories of each of the selected contestants as well as interviews with the Tribal Historian in order to tell of the great history of each of the participating nations.

Transportation for the contestants will be provided.

There is also an opportunity for ownership of this show; please call me for further details should you be interested.


 For more information and participation contact: 


Mary Jo Christian


908-461-0777 or email 


See here for more information.