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White Earth Housing Authority Announcements





It’s a new day here at the housing authority! Guess who’s back?  It is I, Donna Fairbanks, I have once again joined folks at housing. I am thrilled and excited to once again work with folks who are talented, experienced and have the passion to work on improving our housing programs for our community members.  It is a joy, and an honor to be a part of this worthy endeavor.  Pam Fairbanks and I are now Co-Directors.  Along with the support and ideas from the Tribal Council, the Board of Commissioners, and community members, we are all looking at ways we can improve our programs and change-up the processes to get our boarded up homes rehabbed and ready for the next family. An arduous task to say the least, not to mention the high cost of achieving this goal.  We must move in a positive and creative manner. To that end, we are in the process of developing a “Re-Entry” Housing Program for families who have lost their housing for a variety of reasons.  Hopefully we will have this program up and running by late fall, or early winter.

Also, we have been providing on a monthly basis the “Hand on Maintenance” program for our tenants. Thus far the evaluations state the tenants are learning how to take care of their homes, and what to do when minor problems come up so they can handle them without calling for assistance from one of our maintenance staff.  When you receive your notice in the mail to attend, please take the time to attend the session.  It will be well worth it. 





Under both the Tax Credit Program and the Low Rent Program, each family is required to be re-certified on an annual basis. You will receive a written notice in the mail from the housing authority, please give us a call.  If you have questions as to whether not you are current on your certification, please contact us.  We will be happy to check your file to let you know the status. Our telephone number is (218) 473-4663.



The White Earth Housing Authority has been selected by HUD to implement a demonstration pilot program combining rental assistance from HUD with case management, clinic and supportive services provided by VA.  Currently we in conjunction with the Veterans Association of Fargo are seeking a qualified a culturally competent contractor living on or near the White Earth Reservation to assist with case management, housing placement and other supportive services under the HUD-VASH program. If you are interested in this position or if you know of someone who may interested, please contact our office for further information.  We can be reached at (218) 473-4663.



We are seeking individuals to mow lawns for our elders, (55 years of age and older), our disabled tenants living in one of the housing authority’s within each of the following villages;

- Elbow Lake,

- Rice Lake,

- White Earth,   

- Naytahwaush

- (Pine Point has already hired a person)

The person hired will receive $25.00 per lawn and they must supply their own gas for their truck and for the mower. Please call housing if you are interested in applying. Our telephone number is, (218) 473-4663.  We know the folks will appreciate having their lawns mowed!



If you are a private homeowner in need of some rehabilitation for your home, please contact our office to have your name and address to be placed on a waiting list for future funding,



White Earth Housing Authority is once again having their Annual

Board of Commissioner’s (BOC) Meeting. It will be held at the Shooting Star. 

-       On Tuesday, June 21, the BOC will be in a training session meeting all day. 

-       On Wednesday, June 22, Tribal Department Heads and Members of Community Councils are invited to attend. This will be a good time to come to share ideas, challenges, and ways we could work cohesively together to reach our common goals for our members.

-        The Board of Commissioners will hold their annual board meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Once again on behalf of our Tribal Council, Board of Commissioners and the Housing Authority, we all are committed to provide you with affordable, decent, safe and sanitary homes for your families.  Should you need to call us, our telephone number is 218-473-4663 and we are located at 3303 US Hwy 59 in Waubun.

Chi Miigwech and have a safe and fun summer with your families.