Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court


The Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court (JHTWC) utilizes a non-traditional, non-adversarial judicial approach to breaking the cycle of self-defeating behaviors, by juvenile offenders. The JHTWC Court Team is built upon a unique partnership between the Criminal Justice System, Family Services and the Treatment Community, and structured around frequent hearings before one JHTWC Judge.  Participants will advance throughout Phases 1-4 in approximately 6-9 months.  However, individualized treatment plans will vary.

Referrals into JHTWC come from different sources such as Juvenile Court Personnel, The County Prosecutors Office, Defense Counsel, ICW Attorney, State Probation Agent or Treatment Providers.  Potential JHTWC participants are screened by the JHTWC Team.  Appropriate referrals are made, including a chemical health assessment and psychological evaluation/screening, to determine if the juvenile is appropriate for JHTW and what level of care is appropriate. 

Participants will have been identified as substance abusive/dependent and/or suffering from a mental health disorder. This holistic approach includes other programs within the community, and outside agencies, as needed, to offer comprehensive services.

JHTWC is dedicated to working together to enhance the participant’s ability to achieve healthy living. 

Contact Information:

David McArthur, Coordinator

Juvenile Healing To Wellness Court

35500 Eagle View Road

White Earth, MN 56591

Office Phone: 218-983-3285 Ext 5707

Work Cell: 218-849-3602

E-Mail: davem@whiteearth.com